Why Pescador, Why Now?

After successful careers in the agency and corporate world, why make this leap? Why now? The answer is simple.  Following the 2016 election, like many women and people of color that were compelled to run for office, we were compelled to bring to fruition our idea of a messaging firm that specifically works to improve voter participation among marginalized communities.  We wanted to take action to change the trajectory of voting behaviors in the United States.  More specifically, we sought to advance Democratic candidates and Progressive causes among low propensity ethnic voters – especially Hispanic.  For years, political pundits have referred to Hispanics as a sleeping giant.  Unfortunately, the sleeping giant has not exercised its full political muscle. Pescador Public Strategies, LLC., seeks to change this.

Collectively, Ernest and I have nearly six decades of experience targeting ethnic consumers especially Hispanics and it was time to take this expertise and put it to work to elect Democrats to office. Though we moved quickly once we decided to create Pescador Public Strategies, it was not a decision we made in haste. For nearly twenty years, we had tried to make in-roads on major campaigns to change the way they targeted (or didn’t target) Hispanics. Despite our best efforts, we could never break through. Our ideas were often well-received and some were implemented, but we were viewed as brand and marketing experts not political experts. In our view, politicians are brands. Their brand is the promise they are making to voters. We were often incredulous because the parallels between selling a box of Pampers and getting Hispanics to vote are surprisingly similar. To sell them either product, you have to connect emotionally and engage them to take action. They have to believe in what is at stake – whether it is the peace of mind of a trusted brand of diaper or the opportunity to prosper economically, it is about what is best for them and their family.

We know that this endeavor will not be easy but we are up for the challenge! We believe that Pescador Public Strategies, LLC, can make a difference in turning out populations that have largely skipped voting and have been historically marginalized.

1 thought on “Why Pescador, Why Now?”

  1. Best of luck—I have full faith you’ll change the course of history! Looking forward to hearing updates! Love you both, Sylvia


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